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Metroplex Casino Parties: Helpful Hints

How to plan a successful event!

How long should my casino party last?

  • 3 hours of gaming time is the average for most casino parties.  This allows plenty of time to complete the entire event in approximately a 5 hour time period, which includes setup and take down.  However, should you need more time we can easily accommodate your needs.

When should we open the tables to start gaming?

  • Most events allow at least 1 hour before starting the casino portion of your event. This gives your guests time to arrive, settle in, and eat before you start the games. Also remember to plan adequate time to award your prizes upon completion of the gaming.

How many tables do I need?

  • Generally 60-70% of your attendees will play the casino games.  Tables can accommodate different numbers of players.

    • Black Jack - 7 Players

    • Roulette - 8 Players

    • Craps - 12 Players

    • Poker - 8 Players

Do we need to tip the dealers?

  • Tipping dealers is entirely up to you. Our staff will never solicit tips from your guests. At some events, guests may tip dealers directly as they play, however, many event hosts don’t want their guests to have to spend money at their party! As a client, you may add a tip to the final payment, if you so desire. The customary tip is 15% to 20% of the total invoiced amount. Any amount received will be divided equally among the staff that
    worked your event. And, of course, our staff extends heartfelt thanks for any gratuity received.

How do my guests receive chips to play with?

  • Metroplex Casino Parties will supply you with a customized chip voucher for each of your guests. The amount of chips each guest will start with can be changed depending on your Party Needs.  Your vouchers can be custom designed to include company logos, messages, or pictures!  You may distribute these vouchers as guests arrive, at registration, or one of several other creative ways. Your guests may cash these vouchers in with any of the casino dealers.

How should we give prizes away?

  • The most common way to give away prizes is the raffle drawing. This works especially well when there are many prizes to be given away.  At the end of the event, Metroplex Casino Parties will exchange casino chips for raffle tickets, generally at a rate of 1 raffle ticket per $1,000 in chips.  Guests are always given at least 1 raffle ticket, which keeps everyone’s interest until the very end.  Guests who elect not to play can also participate in the raffle by exchanging their chip voucher for raffle tickets. The raffle includes everyone!!

  • The easiest way to give away prizes is to the chip leader. This works especially well when there are just a few prizes to be given away.  Top winners receive more raffle tickets, giving them a better chance of being drawn for the prizes.  Guests love the thrill of competition, especially when it's for a great cause!

  • The most exciting and interactive way to give away prizes is by auction. This works especially well when there are multiple prizes to be given away. Each player can use their ending chip value to bid
    against each other for prizes. Our Casino manager doubles as the auctioneer and really gets the crowd going.

Let us help you make your event a complete success!


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